An Adventure Standing Still

We are thrill seekers. 

All of us, on some perhaps unadmitted level, seek adventure, some mystical thing that will make us feel full, satisfy a spiritual wanderlust. We want to experience the world, free spirited and inspired. We want to create the kind of memories that you don’t need pictures to recall in the most vivid of clarities. We want to know what we want, and run towards these things at full speed. We want to be enough. We want life to be enough for us. 

We are constantly underestimating the grand adventures we are capable of having while standing perfectly still. 

At any given second, on any given day, there are a million thrills to be sought from the very chair in which you read this. It is in the way the lines in our eyes match the branches of the trees and the veins in our arms match the leaves’ veins too. It is in the way our eyes crinkle like the edges of the love note passed in class. It’s in the way falling snow silences the world like a beautiful soul hushes the room. It is in the way the waves ebb and flow like the very blood in our veins and the wrinkles in our hands keep tally for time. 

We are meant to be amazed by this world we have so graciously been given. We are so wildly rooted to this life that every second should be another thrill satisfied. We have a mirror to Heaven, and we need only look up from our lives to experience the spiritual appetizer God has splayed out for us. So often time is of the essence. Perhaps time is the essence. When life is moving at unstoppable speeds, there is never a shortage of adventures to be had standing still. 

This post is dedicated to my uncle Tom, a thrill seeker in his own right. He was one of the biggest supporters of my writings like these, and his willingness to share them with others and his encouragement were an inconceivable inspiration to me. He told me that people are watching, waiting for my next one. To the only person who’s ever had the same favorite book as me, I hope it’s you that is watching now.


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