A Simple Hello.

Greetings readers, friends, fellow Jesus lovers, humans in general. I suppose starting a blog calls for an introduction and a little disclaimer. I am a college student, passionate about frozen pizzas and books. I am not a connoisseur of Jesus. I am not a shining example of Christianity. I am of faith because my cup floweth forth with imperfections. I am of faith because I don’t know how to ask for help, but I never have to with God. I am of faith because I don’t know of any other way, and I don’t want to.

I am writing this because I may need it as much as anyone who reads this. I am writing this because there have been times when the things that needed to come out could only so in words. I am writing it because there have been times when the simplest message of faith changed the course of my day, even my outlook on life. I feel compelled, and if God has any hand in that, as I suspect He does, then that is reason enough to blog myself into fits of carpal tunnel.

How does one go about naming a blog? I struggled with this for forever and a half, trying to think of something clever or punny, something worthy of blog stardom, something Jesus-esque. Clearly the name resulted in none of the previously mentioned things. It resulted from a stroll through a theme park, in one of life’s quintessential moments that make you positive of an answer you didn’t  know you were looking for at the time. As I walked through the smell of grease, the sound of roller coaster screams, and crowds big enough to induce a generous bout of social anxiety, I came to a beautiful tunnel that was filled with hanging lanterns. It was so out of place, it sat there in a beautiful rebellion in the middle of all the chaos. And I realized this is how it works. This is how my faith works. My faith is my own beautiful rebellion in the chaos that is life, and hence: The Lantern Rebellion.


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